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Watercolor Tahlequah

I belong to a group called Watercolor Tahlequah. It started after I finished six classes as an introduction to watercolor painting. That year, several of the participants were sleepers, i.e. folks who took this class but were already good watercolorists. We enjoyed the class a lot. When it was over I said, “Well, this is the last class; so long, it’s been good to know ya.” They said, “What do we do now?” So, I suggested we meet on Saturday morning just for the fun of it. That was several years ago and we have been meeting on Saturday mornings ever since. People come and go, but we have a hard-core number of five. Often we just paint whatever we want, but sometimes we work on similar things. Currently we are doing drawing exercises from the book “Drawing on the Right side of your Brain.” Here is a quick selfie sketch I did a couple of weeks ago. If you want to join us, message me. You can also check out our face book page to see what we are doing.

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